Professor: Visual and Interactive Elements Toolbar in Pages (New Top Hat)

Top Hat’s pages is more than a static e-text space, you can also incorporate visual and interactive elements such as images, videos, and Top Hat questions! 

To begin, press the enter key to create a space in which you can slot in your visual and interactive elements. The Add button will appear and upon clicking it you will be provided with your Visual and Interactive toolbar.

Inserting Images

Clicking the picture icon
  will allow you to search your computer for an image you’d like to embed within your pages document. Once embedded, clicking on the image will provide you with the picture positioning menu where you can continue with the default centred image, expand to the full document width, align it to the left, or align it to the right. You can also type a caption to accompany your picture if you’d like.

Creating Questions

Selecting the question icon will allow you to create a Top Hat question directly within your pages document. It is important to note that these questions reside solely within your pages document for students to complete as they work through your page and thus there is no reporting functionality for this type of question. When created directly in your page, the question will not be available to ask 'live' in class. We recommend creating questions directly in the text if, and only if, this question is related directly to the text and you don’t see yourself using this question live in class.

The regular Top Hat question creation dialog will then appear. Once you finish creating your question, it will appear in the page. You can also provide hints and explanations for your students if you choose! More on that here: Professor: Adding a Hint or Explanation to a Question within Pages (New Top Hat)

Importing Existing Questions Into Your Page

Alternatively, the import function allows you to embed an existing Top Hat question into your pages document. We recommend creating questions as a standard question, outside of your Pages item, and then embedding them into your document if there is a chance that you may want to use this question live in-class as well.

Clicking on the import icon within the visual and interactive toolbar will reveal a dialog box where you can select one or more questions from your Top Hat course. Completing this dialog box will result in the selected questions being copied into your page.

Inserting Discussions

The discussion feature will allow you to create a Top Hat discussion directly within your pages document. The discussion building framework is the same as that for in-class discussions, but these discussions will be completed within the page. When it comes to this style of discussion, if you’re looking for a short answer space for students to respond as they’re working through the text you’ll likely want to select that responses can be seen only by professor (you will be able to see all responses, but the students will only see their own), whereas if you’d like a space for students to engage in discussion with each other you’ll want to select that responses can be seen by everyone. Once you finish creating your discussion, it will appear in the page.

Inserting Math Equations

The math editor is a fairly standard math editing tool that allows you to create equations and then insert the equation as image within your pages document. 

For further support on how to use the math editor, visit:

Just as you are you're able to with an embedded picture, clicking on the equation image will provide you the options to align left, align right, or align centre. You can also choose to caption your equation image if you'd like!

Inserting Videos

To embed a Youtube or Vimeo video, click on the video icon and paste the copied URL address into the field provided. Be sure to press the return/enter key to finalize the embedding of your video. Upon pressing enter your video will be embedded directly into your pages document! You can also type a caption to accompany your video if you’d like.

Accepted YouTube URL formats:


To have the YouTube video autoplay from a specified time, proceed through the following steps:

  1. view the video and pause it at the point you'd like the playback to begin
  2. click where it says Share under the video title
  3. place a checkmark in the box next to Start at:
  4. copy the link that is generated above and paste that into the field provided when embedding a video into your Pages Content


Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.