Professor: Click on Target Extra Attempts (New Top Hat)

When creating a click on target question you have the ability to specify the number of clicks or attempts a student may have when answering the question. This article will concentrate specifically on why you may choose to provide students with extra attempts, and how to do so. For a more general look at click on target questions please see here: Professor: Creating a Click on Target Question (New Top Hat)

The default when you create a click on target question is that students may submit 1 click per question, but you can increase the number of clicks or attempts available to students either when creating the question originally or by way of editing it later.

Questions with a Correct Answer
For click on target questions with a correct answer, some professors choose to allow their students multiple clicks or attempts to identify the correct answer. Regardless of the number of clicks you allow them, students will be awarded full correctness grades if they correctly identify the target with any one of their attempts. To provide your students this leniency simply type the number of additional clicks you'd like to allow them in the Extra Attempts field, keeping in mind this will be in addition to the 1 attempt they earn by default for all click on target questions. 

Questions with No Correct Answer
Alternatively, some questions may lend themselves well to allowing students to identify multiple regions on the same image. For example, if you were to ask students to identify the 3 countries they'd most like to visit you'll want to ensure they are able to click on the image 3 times, identifying 3 targets, prior to submitting their response. To do this, simply type 2 in the Extra Attempts field to indicate that students will be allocated 3 clicks total (1 default + 2 extra attempts).

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