Professor: Zeroing Out Grades for Questions and Discussions in the Gradebook (New Top Hat)

This article is designed to walk you through the process of zeroing out the grades for a question or discussion so that there are no grades associated with it, but you are still able to view a record of student responses to the item. Professors will often do this when they don't want to penalize students for not participating in the question during the add/drop period for example. 

To zero out the grades for a specific content item you want to first access your course gradebook by clicking Gradebook in the upper banner. If you're questioned as to whether or not you want to continue, so long as you're not connected to a classroom projector, go ahead and select Yes, show grades

On the Course Content tab within the gradebook, locate the question you'd like to zero out. 

In the boxes associated with that question under the Correct Weight and Participation Weight columns simply change the values to zero. These changes will immediately take effect and students' grades will be altered accordingly. 


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