Professor: Including math equations and symbols in Questions and Discussions (New Top Hat)

Including math equations, symbols, and more in your Top Hat questions and discussions is possible using LaTex, a popular markup language.

The process is fairly straightforward, you simply want to wrap your LaTex formula in math wrap brackets. Let’s work through an example together:

  1. start by typing [math] to indicate that what follows is LaTeX
  2. type your LaTeX formula: ex. A= \pi r^{2}
    note: if you’re not familiar with this syntax you can use the following simple editor to create your equation using a symbol picker: Sciweavers Latex Equation Editor
  3. end by typing [/math] (notice the direction of the slash) to indicate the end of your LaTeX
  4. in this example, your final equation would be: [math] A= \pi r^{2} [/math]

  1. saving your Top Hat question will render your equation with proper formatting

LaTex can also be used to apply special formatting to your Top Hat questions and discussions! For more on that, please see here: Professor: Applying special formatting to Questions and Discussions


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