Professor: Setting a Tolerance on Numeric Answer Questions (New Top Hat)

When you are creating a numeric answer question you'll find that you're provided with a field in which to set a tolerance. This tolerance will be a plus or minus range around the defined correct answer in which a student submission within this range will be marked as correct. For example, if the correct is 98.6, you may choose to set a tolerance of 0.5 meaning that answers between 98.1 and 99.1 will be accepted as correct. 

When viewing the reports of a numeric answer question with a tolerance applied, Top Hat will group student responses into tolerance buckets surrounding the correct answer. For example, if the indicated correct answer is 98.6 and you allowed for a tolerance of 0.5, student submissions will be grouped in the buckets 98.1 to 99.1 (awarded as a correct response), 97.1 to 98.1, 99.1 to 100.1, etc.

Should you choose not to allow a tolerance and only the exact answer will be accepted, simply set the tolerance to zero.

When viewing the reports of a numeric answer question with no tolerance set, student responses will be displayed as submitted, without grouping into range buckets.

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