Professor: Identifying Non-Circular Targets for Click on Target Questions (New Top Hat)

You may find that the circular target identifier works for most of the questions you want to create, but not all. Should you find that the target you would like your students to click on is not easily identified by a circle you can simply guide your students to a specific region within that area by creating a circular target on your image before uploading it to your Top Hat question.

For example, if I wanted my students to click on the province of Ontario in the map below, the province does not easily fit inside a circle without also including portions of other provinces. 

So before uploading the image into my Top Hat question I simply created targets on the image guiding my students to the exact location they should click within each province. You can do this using an image editing program such as Preview on Mac or Paint on PC.

Once uploaded into my click on target question I simply place my correct target indicator over the circle I created within the province of Ontario. 

For additional information on creating Top Hat click on target questions, please see here: Professor: Creating a Click on Target Question (New Top Hat)

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