Professor: Creating a Click on Target Question (New Top Hat)

Top Hat's click on target questions are one of the most popular question styles available! These questions allow you to upload an image, have students identify a requested target on the image, and then view the the aggregate student submissions on a heat map!. Click on target questions are incredibly powerful for both polling questions and questions with correct answers - the options are endless! 

To create a click on target question, click on the blue Create button in the upper left hand corner of your screen. A pop-up menu will appear and you’ll simply want to select Question followed by Click on Target Question.

From there you will be provided w/ the question building framework in which to build your click on target question. You’ll want to begin by inputting a unique title for your question, and then the question itself of course.

Upload Image
Next you'll want to upload the image that the students will be clicking on. To do so, click where it says Upload
 Image and select an image from your computer’s hard drive.

Setting the Correct Answer
If your question is a free-response question
without a correct answer (ex. you've uploaded a map and ask students to click on the country they'd most like to visit), you can indicate this by simply continuing on with the question creation process. Alternatively, if your question has a correct answer you’ll want to indicate this by clicking on the correct answer within your image. This will place a target on your image that you can drag, delete, or even resize using the white circles on the left and right edges of the target.

Response Options
Unique to click on target questions is the ability to specify the number of times a student may click on the image while answering. By default students may submit 1 click, however you can increase this should your question warrant it. For example, if you want students to click on the 3 countries they'd most like to visit, you'd type 2 in the Extra Attempts field (1 default + 2 extra attempts = 3 clicks total). Should you choose, this feature can also be used to give students more than one attempt at identifying the correct target.

Allow Students to Answer Anonymously
You can also choose to allow your students to answer the question anonymously, simply click the box next to this option. Please note that when this option is selected you will not be able to see what individuals answer. Only aggregated results will be available, and this question cannot be graded. Further, this setting cannot be changed after the question is created.

Question Grading
You can now decide how you’d like to grade your question. By default these values are set to half a point for correctness and half a point for participation, but these values can be changed to anything you’d like, they don’t have to add to 1, and they can be set to zero.

In the example above, a student who answers incorrectly would be awarded 0.25 points just for having submitted an answer, whereas a student who answered correctly would be awarded 1 point (0.25 participation points + 0.75 correctness points).

Response Timer
Lastly, should you wish, you can set a timer on the question and limit the amount of time your students have to answer the question. The timer will commence the moment you activate the question so if you choose to use a timer, ensure you provide enough time for your students to read and answer the question. To set a timer, click where it says Never and select your preferred duration from the provided list.

Review Options
Hints and explanations allow you to provide feedback to your students as they use your Top Hat questions to review course material and prepare for exams! They won't be available for students to view until later in the summer, but you can start building them in your Top Hat questions right away! For a more detailed explanation of how to use this great feature in your questions, please see here: Professor: Hints and Explanations in Questions (New Top Hat)



When you’re happy with the question you have created simply click Save in the bottom right corner.

Your newly created question will appear at the bottom of your course dashboard to be added to a folder or even embedded into your slide presentation if you choose.

Student Submissions
Students may submit answers for click on target questions using a web browser or mobile application by simply clicking or tapping on the region of the image that represents the answer they'd like to submit, and then pressing submit. It is important to note, that click on target questions are the only question style that are inaccessible to students submitting by way of SMS/text message.

Target Best Practices

  • Circular Target
    The circular correct answer target identifier works well for most questions professors create, but you may find there are questions you want to create in which this is not that case (ex. requesting students identify a winding river on a map for example). Should you be creating a question in which the circular target isn't ideal, please see the following article: Professor: Identifying Non-Circular Targets for Click on Target Questions (New Top Hat)

  • Multiple Targets
    If you set multiple targets on a single image you are in essence indicating that all of the targets are the correct answers and students will be expected to click on each of the targets in order to be awarded full points for answering the question correctly. If you find that your correct answer isn't easily identifiable by a circular target, again, please see the following article: Professor: Identifying Non-Circular Targets for Click on Target Questions (New Top Hat)


Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.