Professor: What if my roster changes after I send invitations?

We recognize that there can be incredible variability in course rosters in the first couple of weeks of the semester. As a result, we’ve made it incredibly simple to update your Top Hat course with the students on your revised course roster! As revised rosters become available to you or once the add/drop period is over, simply repeat the invitation process with your new amended roster. For a refresher of this process please see here: Professor: Inviting Students  You don’t need to identify the students who have previously been invited - Top Hat will take care of that and only add the new students! These students will also be added to the Pending Students page awaiting their enrollment in your Top Hat course.

Have yet another revised roster? Not to worry, this process can be repeated for as many roster revisions as necessary!

Alternatively, some professors prefer not to send invitations to new students and they instead provide new students with their Top Hat course information and have them register manually. Students can register for Top Hat by visiting and clicking the Sign up button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Students will be prompted for your course’s 6-digit join code so we recommend making this identifier easily accessible to them - possibly on your course syllabus, course website, or an email sent to them.

Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.