Professor: What does “Matches Roster” mean?

On the Enrolled Students page within your course Student Manager you may see one of the following under the column titled MATCHES ROSTER: No, Email, Student ID, or an icon of a box with a checkmark in it.

These tags indicate whether or not the students' Top Hat account credentials match the email address (and possibly student ID as well) that you sent Top Hat invitations to.


Tag Explanation
neither the student's email address nor their student ID match your invited course roster; if you didn't send invitations this will apply to all enrolled students

the student's email address does match your invited course roster, but their student ID does not; you either didn't choose to include student IDs when sending invitations or your student made an error inputting their student ID

Student ID
the student's student ID does match your invited course roster, but their email address does not; you included student IDs when inviting students, but your student chose to create their Top Hat account using a different email address

checked box
both the student's email address and their student ID match your invited course roster


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