Professor: Gradebook Course Content Tab

It is easy to keep all of your graded content organized within your Top Hat course gradebook! You can view your content all together, sorted by module type, and your content will be organized by folder, reflecting the folders that appear in your content dashboard. You can also use the column headers along the top to sort your gradebook content by the date they were last activated, correctness weight, participation grade, average score, or average participation percentage.

The search bar will allow you to search for items by keyword, searching titles and the content of questions and discussions.

Clicking where it says Details next to an individual content item will display a gradebook page dedicated to that specific content item. On this page you will have access to the class' overall performance on that content item, correct answer, average grade, and the number of students who answered it correctly, incorrectly or not at all. Clicking on Question Reports will reveal the familiar graph highlighting your students’ submissions.
Below the content item is the student roster and a summary of student performance. Each student's response to the question can be displayed by clicking Show Answer.


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