Professor: Editing a Student's Attendance Record

Occasionally you may find it necessary to adjust a student's attendance record. To do so, you want to first access your course gradebook by clicking gradebook in the upper banner. If you're questioned as to whether or not you want to continue, so long as you're not connected to a classroom projector, go ahead and select Yes, show grades

Old Top Hat

New Top Hat

To make edits to the records of multiple students for the same attendance session, click the Attendance tab under the search field to reveal all of the attendance sessions you've taken. Identify the session in which you'd like to make edits for these students and select it by clicking on the session date. 

This will reveal for you a list of all of your enrolled students and whether or not they were present for this attendance session or not. To make an edit you simply have to click on the Attended or Absent associated with each student to reflect the most accurate status.

Alternatively, you can also adjust attendance records on the individual student pages in the Gradebook. From the main Gradebook page click the Students tab under the search field to reveal a list of all of your enrolled students for this course. Identify the student in which you'd like to make an edit and click on their name to reveal a Gradebook page dedicated to that student.

On the right hand side of the screen, you can view and edit the student’s attendance record by toggling between Attended or Absent.


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