Professor: Can I upload dynamic PowerPoint presentations?

Top Hat currently supports the upload and presentation of still/static PowerPoint (PPT) and PDF slide decks. The process of uploading presentations into Top Hat will flatten any dynamic elements (ex. animations, slide builds, live links, and embedded videos) into a clean, still, static presentation rendering these elements inactive directly from your presentations.

The reason for this is because uploaded slide presentations are processed in such a way as to provide you with the ability to annotate your slides within Top Hat. It is possible to have the best of both worlds however! Keep reading for suggestions on alternate ways of retaining the dynamic elements in your lecture.

Videos & Links
To employ Youtube or Vimeo videos and hyperlinks in your lectures you'll simply want to embed them in another Top Hat feature as opposed to your PPT. This could be done in one of two ways. The first is through the use of our Pages module (Professor: Visual and Interactive Elements Toolbar in Pages). Most professors prefer embedding their videos in a Top Hat question or discussion however, as this allows them to insert the dynamic element directly between their slides within their lecture presentation. For information on how to use questions and discussions please see the following links:

Slide Builds
If your slide presentations have slide builds such as transitions, bullet points one at a time or PPT animations, as discussed earlier, these will no longer be active when uploaded into Top Hat. Most professors aren't too fussed about losing their transitions and PPT animations, but revealing all the bullet points at one point can certainly throw off the flow of your lecture. Not to worry however, you can simply expand your slide deck in such a way that each additional bullet point is represented progressively on it’s own slide.

Depending on your subject matter, you may have external animations that demonstrate a specific concept embedded into your PPT presentations. If these are abundant and crucial to your lecture, and unavailable directly on a website, then you may find that the Top Hat Presentation Tool is better option for you than uploading your slides into Top Hat as it will allow you to access your Top Hat content and features without interfering with your animations. For information on this option, please see here: Professor: Using the Presentation Tool in Your Lectures (Old Top Hat) or Professor: Using the Presentation Tool (New Top Hat)

Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.