Student: iOS App Submissions (Version 5.0 and newer)

This document is intended to provide you with guidance in making submissions using your Top Hat iOS app. Should you be interested in a more general overview of the student Top Hat iOS app please see here: Student: iOS App Overview (Version 5.0 and newer)

Should you be working with an older version of our iOS app (Version 4.x and earlier), the following links will be more useful for you:
- Student: iOS App Overview (Version 4.x and earlier)
Student: iOS App Submissions (Version 4.x and earlier)

- Questions
- Attendance
- Discussions

Multiple Choice
The most common question style used by professors is multiple choice. These are simple to answer - you simply need to tap on your desired response and then tap the blue Submit button.

Word Answer
Word answer questions are fairly straight-forward, in the field provided, simply type a word response to the question. Once you have typed your answer, be sure to tap the blue Submit button.

Note: Word answer questions are very specific, so be sure you spell the word correctly and remove any extra characters or spaces before or after the word prior to submitting.

Numeric Answer
Submitting responses to numeric answer questions is very similar to responding to word answer questions. In the field provided, simply type a numeric response to the question. Again, once you type your answer, be sure to tap the blue Submit button.

Note: Numeric answer questions are very precise. Unless indicated by your professor otherwise, be sure you enter the exact answer.

Top Hat’s matching questions are tons of fun! When the question appears on your device’s screen you will see a column of variables on the left hand side and another column of variables on the right hand side. You may need to scroll down to reveal all of the variables if your professor has included quite a few options for you!

To make a match, simply hold your finger down on any one of the variables and drag it to its match in the other column. Release your touch to set the match and the two variables will be removed from your working list and now appear under the Matched heading above. You can un-match pairs at any time by simply clicking on them in the Matched section. Once you’re happy with the pairs in your Matched section, be sure to tap the blue Submit button.

The idea behind sorting questions is that you can order items based on criteria provided by your professor. To reorder the list of variables you simply need to hold your finger down on the handle (looks like 3 stacked lines) to the right of the listed variable and then drag the item to your desired location in the list. Again, once you’re happy with the sorted list, be sure to tap the blue Submit button.

Click on Target
These are one of the most fun question styles to answer! With click on target questions your professor will include an image that they want you to indicate something in. When the question appears on your screen you’ll want to tap on the image to enlarge it and then click on the target as indicated by your professor’s question prompt. In most cases you’ll be allocated just one click in which to answer the question, but if your professor has allocated you multiple clicks (for example, you’ve been asked to indicate multiple items in the image), you’ll see how many clicks you have remaining in the bottom left hand corner.

In the top right-hand corner of the image you will see two additional icons. The trash can icon will erase all of the clicks on the image, and the undo arrow icon will delete the last click you placed. Again, once you’re happy with the click(s) you have placed, be sure to tap the blue Submit button.

It’s incredibly easy to submit your attendance using the Top Hat student iOS app. When your professor initiates an attendance session you will be prompted to input the attendance code as displayed by your professor on their projected screen in the classroom. Once you’ve input the attendance code be sure to tap the blue Submit button to ensure your attendance is recorded.

You will receive confirmation that your attendance has been recorded and this message will remain for as long as your professor has the attendance session active. Should you want to minimize it however, simply click on the X in the upper left hand corner.

If your professor initiates a Top Hat discussion thread it will appear for you on your lecture tab just as a question would. Tap on the item to open it and you will be provided with the field in which to type your response.

Responses to the discussion thread will appear on your screen under the primary prompt. Tapping on an individual post will expand it so you can read it in its entirety and allow you to comment on the post. You can even show your agreement with your peers’ submissions by tapping on the thumbs up icon in the upper right corner of a given post.

Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.