Professor: Editing your Course Settings (New Top Hat)

Top Hat enables default course and grade settings whenever a course is created, but we understand every professor has their own unique teaching style, and we try to make Top Hat customizable for each professor's preferences.

To access the settings for a course, enter the course, click on the cog icon in the upper banner, and select Course Settings

This will redirect you to the course's setting. On the left hand side you will find the course settings menu: General Information, Grading Options Timer Options, LMS Integration & Sync (only if your university has coordinated the syncing of your campus' Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc.) with Top Hat), and Advanced Options.

General Information
Here you can change the name of the course, add the university's course code or a brief course description, set the course availability, and apply a course password should you choose.

  • Course Password
    If you choose to add a course password, any student trying to access the course will need to enter the password. If you enable a password after students have already enrolled in the course, they will be prompted to enter the password before gaining access to the course again.

  • Course Availability
    Additionally, you can decide whether or not you'd like your course to be available for students to join. Some professors choose to place their course in the Unavailable setting as they build their course content to ensure students don't enroll in the course prematurely. You will have to make the course available before you'll be able to invite students to join your course however. 

Grading Options
By default, when you create a new Top Hat question, discussion, or demo it will automatically be assigned the grading scheme of 0.5 points for correctness and 0.5 points for participation. You can change these assigned grades on an item by item basis, but you can also choose to change the default grades if there is a standard grading scheme you're likely to use for the majority of your content items. 

Timer Options
You can also choose to enable a timer by default for your Top Hat questions and demos. 

LMS Integration & Sync
If the university you teach at has coordinated the syncing of your campus' Learning Management System (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc.) with Top Hat, this is where you can sync your LMS course roster with your Top Hat course. 

Once authenticated, whenever you wish to have the students' grades transferred to their LMS account, you simply need to access your Top Hat course gradebook and click on the LMS Sync button in the upper right-hand corner. 

Advanced Options

  • Allow answering via text (SMS) and Offline Mode
    We highly recommend keeping this setting enabled. If students encounter network or WiFi issues, they can text in their answers or use Offline Mode as back-up submission methods. You can learn more about SMS submissions here: Student: SMS (texting) Submissions and Offline Mode submissions here: Student: Offline Mode Submissions

  • Text message (SMS) Grace Period
    On occasion, student devices may encounter service issues that delay their text message (SMS) submissions. This setting allocates an extra 30 seconds for text messages to be processed after a question has closed, so in the event of a cellular service delay, students will receive credit for their text submissions during this period. 

  • New report session on activation
    When the box next to this option is selected, every time you re-ask a question a new "session" will automatically be created, registering student submissions separately so you can compare the results of the sessions when viewing the question's reports. Additional information on sessions and asking the same question twice can be found here: Professor: Can I ask the same Question Twice? 


Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.