Professor: How do I Schedule a Question? (Old Top Hat)

The Question Scheduler makes 'Homework' or 'Review' Questions available for students for a limited period of time. Folders may also be Scheduled.

Scheduling Homework provides an incentive for students to complete their question sets based on a predetermined timeframe or have the ability to review question sets outside of class.

  1. After creating a Question click on the Status icon, then select 'Schedule Question'.

  2. The Start Status is the initial state your Question will be in for the duration of the schedule. You may choose between 'Homework (Active)' or 'Review'.

  3. The End Status is the state your Question will change to once the schedule has expired. You may choose between 'Review' or 'Closed (Inactive)'.

  4. Select the Date and Time when your Schedule will start.

  5. Select the Date and Time when your Schedule will end.

  6. When you've finished defining the scheduler's parameters, click 'Schedule'.

  7. Scheduled Questions (or Folders) will appear in the Dashboard, in their initial state accompanied by the 'Schedule Question' icon.


Here is what the Question Scheduler looks like from the student's point of view:

What's the difference between the Question Scheduler and Question Timer?

The Question Scheduler is used for controlling the state of a Question across a duration of days.

Question Timer's are used for controlling the state of a Question for a duration of seconds.

To create a Question Timer, in the Create or Edit Question dialog box select 'Show advanced settings'.


As always, we are here for you! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a support request by clicking the 'Submit Request' button in the top righthand portion of your screen :)