Professor: Creating a Matching Question (Old Top Hat)

Matching Questions are useful for testing students ability to identify and match one set of criteria with another. To create a Matching Question in Top Hat, complete the following steps:

Creating a Matching Question

  1. Click on the blue 'Create' button on the Dashboard in the Questions Module.

  2. Select 'Matching Problem', click 'Next'

  3. Title your question using a consistent naming convention that identifies the "When" and the "What".

  4. Enter the content of your question.

  5. Input answer Values. You can add/delete Values by clicking the '+Match' button. When entering Values, enter your answers so that they match. When the Question is asked, the matches will be randomized. You may also add/remove unmatchable Values to make the question more difficult by clicking the '+Dummy' button.

    Note: To make sure the question renders properly on student devices, dummy answers should be added to the end of a matching question, after all the matched pairs.

  6. Click 'Save' to finish creating your Multiple Choice question.

Here is what a Matching Question looks like from your students point of view:

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