Professor: Comparing Questions (Old Top Hat)

After you've asked at least two Top Hat questions, you can compare the students answers in the Reports Tab! Comparing like questions can give you more insight into your students' responses. 

As an example, I will compare the results for the two multiple choice questions: "Is this your first post-secondary Economics course?" and "Is Economics your major?". I might benefit from analyzing these two questions to get a sense of my students' backgrounds and intentions for my Econ 101 course!

After you've received responses for the two questions, go to the Reports Tab of one of those two questions: 

And click on "Compare Questions:

Click on the scrolling pick-list beside the phrase "Compare to" and choose the question you'd like to compare with. For instance, you can pick the Week One Q2 option. 

Your report will then contrast the answers for each Question. In this example, five of my students answered 'yes' for the first question ("Is this your first post-secondary Economics course?") and subsequently four of those students then answered 'no' for the second question ("Is Economics your major?").

From this Compare Questions report, you can ascertain that the majority of your students have taken an Economics course prior to your Econ 101 but are not Economics majors. 

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