Professor: Can I Use a Timer with Quick-Add Questions? (Old Top Hat)

Enabling the Timer for use in Quick-Add Questions

In order to impose a timer in quick-add questions, the timer feature must be enabled as a default within your course settings.

Access the settings for your course: click on the Settings button in the Course Panel as shown below.

Access the Grades tab.  Place a checkmark next to "Question timer enabled" and specify the time limit you wish to impose for your questions.  (A reminder: This will apply to all questions moving forward)

Using the Timer in Quick-Add Questions

Once you have enabled the timer in your default course settings, it will automatically apply to all quick-add questions.

When the presentation tool is minimized, you can launch a quick-add by clicking the "+" icon.

Upon clicking the "+" icon, the quick-add question creation box appears.

Launching the quick-add question results in the 4-digit SMS code being displayed in conjunction with the timer. The pause icon is visible on the righthand side.

Upon clicking the pause icon, the timer will stop and the pause icon will change to a play icon. Clicking the play icon will continue the timer.

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