Professor: Assigning Questions to Individuals (Old Top Hat)

In this article, we are going to give a brief summary on what the “Assign to Individuals” feature has to offer, and how it works.

Many professors have asked to be able to assign questions or folders of questions to specific students or groups of students. This feature allows professors to assign questions, or sets of questions, to students such as athletes who may have to miss classes on occasion. In this way, these students would not be penalized for missing classes due to their other school obligations.

Professors can assign questions to the Homework or Review statuses to either specific students or entire groups of students. These students can be selected from two lists: either Unanswered Students, which has all students who have not yet answered the question; or All Enrolled Students. Professor’s can also search specifically for individual students in the search bar. 

In order to assign questions or sets of questions to individuals:

  1. Click on the binder icon next to the question or folder.                                                   
  2. Click on “Assign to Individuals.”                                                                                     
  3. Next, select which students you want the question assigned to from either the “Unanswered students” list or the “All enrolled students” list.                                                                                                                                       
  4. Next select which status you want the assigned question to go to.                                    
  5. Select the students you want from the list and then click on “Assign to selected students.”

The questions that have been assigned to specific individuals will remain in the “Closed” status for all students except those who were assigned the question. The “Assign to Individuals” symbol, which will now appear to the left of the assigned questions, will indicate which questions those are.

To remove the question from this status, simply change the status of the item by setting it to closed for all students. If you try to change the status of a question that has been assigned to individuals, that change will affect all students, including those who were assigned the question. In those instances, a message will pop-up warning you about this action.

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