Professor: How Can I Integrate Top Hat with Blackboard?

Top Hat's integration with Blackboard allows professors to sync grading and class roster information between the two systems. The integration is designed to ease student registration and on-boarding, and to allow professors to easily send grades from Top Hat into Blackboard.

Initial installation:

To enable Blackboard integration at your university, please contact your Top Hat Account Manager or email our Support Desk at We will need to be in touch with your university's Blackboard Administrator to configure the integration. 

Assigning your Blackboard credentials to your Top Hat account:

  1. Once the integration has been enabled at your university, you can email your Blackboard username to your Top Hat Account Manager or our Support Desk at We will assign your Blackboard credentials to your Top Hat account. 

To pair your Blackboard course with Top Hat:

  1. Log in to your Top Hat account at
  2. Enter the course you wish to sync to Blackboard.
  3. Go to your Gradebook and click the LMS Sync button near the top.
  4. Select the Blackboard course from the list of courses that appear in the menu.
  5. Once you've selected the course, you should see a message that says "Ready to sync" with the Blackboard course.
  6. Click sync. A progress bar will appear during the sync, and once complete you can click Save then OK to close the menu.
  7. Syncing will retrieve the list of students from Blackboard (identified by their email addresses) and create a grade column in Blackboard labeled Top Hat.

To invite students into Top Hat:

  1. Once you have synced your Blackboard course to Top Hat, you will now see a list of students in the Student Manager that you can invite into your Top Hat course.
  2. Click on the Students tab at the top of the page to open the Student Manager.
  3. Select the Pending tab to see the list of student email addresses that were retrieved from Blackboard.
  4. Click the blue Email All button to send the student invitations.
  5. The invitations include a short message from Top Hat and a custom link to register for Top Hat and enroll in your course.

Syncing grades to Blackboard:

  1. Once your students have enrolled in the Top Hat course and completed graded assignments, you can send their grades into Blackboard by syncing again.
  2. In the Top Hat course, go to your Gradebook and click the LMS Sync button near the top.
  3. Your Blackboard course that you paired in Top Hat should appear there. 
  4. Click sync. Syncing will match students between both systems by their email addresses and will send grades into Blackboard for each matching student.
  5. In the Full Results Center, you should now see the Top Hat cumulative average appear in the Top Hat grade column.

Additional information:

  1. In certain versions of Blackboard, there is a bug that reports that a student has earned 10% regardless of their score in Top Hat. This is a known issue with Blackboard, they have scheduled the fix for the release of Service Pack 16 with patches available for previous versions. This bug is cosmetic and only affects professors. The actual scores are recorded properly and can be viewed by exporting the scores into a spreadsheet. Students who check their Top Hat scores in Blackboard will always see the correct score. One workaround for this issue is to create a new calculated total grade column that references the original Top Hat grade, then hide the Top Hat column from view. The new column will accurately display the students' grades after each sync.
  2. If you encounter any problems while syncing, please contact Top Hat Support by emailing or clicking the Support button in the Top Hat course page.