Professor: How Can I Set Up a Practice Mode for Tournaments? (Old Top Hat)


The Practice mode allows students to practice a tournament without timers or an opponent. Students are still limited in the number of attempts they have to answer a question correctly and students can see how long it took for them to answer a question. They are also presented with an option to skip a question if they don't know the answer.

Practice mode is also the only way that students receive participation marks for a tournament. Information on how grading works can be found here.

Professor's View

Your tournament(s) will be listed within the Tournaments module.To give students access to the practice mode, simply toggle the status of that tournament to “Practice Mode”.


Student's Views

When you have enabled practice mode, students will see that tournament become available to them.

The student can then click that tournament to view its details, and click “Begin Practice” to start the practice session.

The student would then see the questions for that practice session, one question at a time. For each question they will see the number of attempts they have available to them to answer that question as well as how much time they have spent on that question. Students can submit their answers to the questions by clicking “Submit” or skip questions by clicking “Skip”.

When the student finishes answering the questions in the practice session, the student will see a summary of which questions she/he answered incorrectly and which they answered correctly. The student also has the option to restart the practice session. Practice sessions do not count for grades.