Professor: Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

If your institution has not previously coordinated the integration of Top Hat with your Learning Management System (LMS) it may be possible to initiate the integration process, but realistically, even at institutions where LMS integration is in place, most professors choose to simply export their Top Hat gradebook to Excel and then upload it into their LMS gradebook. More on exporting your Top Hat gradebook can be found here: Professor: Exporting your Gradebook to Excel - Advanced Export

If your institution has previously coordinated the integration of Top Hat with your LMS, this article will walk you through the basic process. You'll notice that the video is specific to a Canvas integration, but the integration process for other LMSs is very similar and you should find that it provides you with the basic framework. Should you require additional assistance for your specific LMS please contact our wonderful Support Team by way of email ( or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.

This is an example of integration with a Canvas course:

Note that the process is almost identical for other learning management systems. 


1. Click on the Settings button in your Top Hat course and select the LMS tab. Proceed to click the button labeled Click here to authenticate with [LMS name]"

2. Double check or enter your login credentials then log in to your LMS course.

3. From your Top Hat course, select the LMS course into which you want to integrate your Top Hat course.

4. Click the sync button from this LMS tab every time you want to sync your course grades from now on.

Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.