Professor: How Can I Grade Tournaments? (Old Top Hat)

As for all content associated with Top Hat, Tournaments can be graded in the two standard ways:

  1. Correctness Points, awarded for correctly answering the question.
  2. Participation Points, awarded for answering the question.

There are, however some differences. Participation grades must be done differently because not all students see the same questions. 


Correctness Grades

Marks for giving the correct answer are only awarded when the tournament is played. Student will get a percentage of correctness based on the number of correct answers they have submitted out of the maximum value of correctness set in tournament creation. For example, if there are twenty questions in a tournament, each with one mark for the correct answer, and a student answers 17 of them correct, they would be given a grade of 17/20 or 85% for that tournament.

Please note that point awarded for the first correct answer have no effect on the grade, but those are only used to determine the rankings.


Participation Grades

Marks for participating in a tournament are not given out when a tournament is played. Participation grades are only awarded when a tournament is in Practice Mode. Also, they do depend, in tournaments only, on getting the answer correct. They are calculated by taking the number of correctly answered questions during a practice session, dividing by the total number of questions, and then multiplying by the participation weight assigned to the tournament.

If you aren't planning on putting the tournament in practice mode, we strongly recommend that you assign a participation grade of zero for your tournaments.