Student: Missing Grades?

If you notice that some of your grades are missing, contact immediately. This can also be done by clicking on the support button at the bottom left hand corner in the web app or by using the support button in your mobile application.

Note: Grade changes requires a written submission and students phoning in will be asked to email us. This is for both student as well as Support's benefit as the process of re-awarding of grades can be a lengthy.

What We Will Need

The support team will need some information so we can confirm that you answered the questions for which you are missing credit. Please include the following information:

  • Your submission method (Web, mobile or SMS)
  • Username and email bound to your account
  • Times and dates associated with the missing grades
  • Course name & Professor's name
  • Question titles 

Tips to Avoid Missing Grades

1.) Use one of our recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

2.) Ensure that your mobile app is always up to date

3.) Should you encounter any connectivity issues try our Mobile Offline Mode:

Our Offline mode allows you phone to store your answer to a question to be submitted at a later time when you have a more secure connection. To learn more about this feature click here

4.) Take advantage of our SMS Submission method:

By verifying your phone number to your account, you can always text in your answer should your school WiFi lose connection. This has the extra benefit of storing all your answers to your text logs making it easier for us to award back grades should the texts not go through. To learn more click here

Common Causes 

There are some common issues that cause grades to be missed:

  • Multiple accounts

Sometimes students create two accounts for Top Hat using their personal email as well as their school email. Should you ever log into your account and see that you have no grades, try logging out and logging in with another email to see if you might have made two accounts by mistake. 

At times schools have different email addresses that led to the same inbox. i.e


These emails can be applied to different accounts on Top Hat so ensure that you are signed into the correct account at all times.

  • Not Clicking Submit

To register an answer to a Top Hat question you need to click the "Submit" button. After doing so, you will see a confirmation message informing you what answer you submitted. This applies to both Homework as well as In-Class questions. 

As always, we are here for you! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a support request by clicking the 'Submit Request' button in the top righthand portion of your screen :)