Professor: Adding and Managing Students

Ready For Your Students?

You have created an account, a course, and some content for your student to engage with. There is one last thing you need for a successful class: students! By using the Student Manager, you can invite students to Top Hat using our simple invitation wizard.

Check out the following video tutorial to learn more, and then complete the accompanying tutorial exercises. All told, we estimate this Top Hat Orientation course will take you just 7 minutes!

Uploading and Inviting Students

Inviting Students to Enroll in your Course

Use the Student Manager to send students email invitations to register with Top Hat and enroll in your course.

To begin, click the 'Student' button located at the top of your interface. Using a spreadsheet or document containing your students' email roster, copy and paste the list of student emails into the EMAILS field in the Student Manager.You may also choose to click ‘Include Student IDs’ to open a second column and copy/paste in your students' IDs.

NoteIf you include student IDs, make sure the emails align perfectly with the ID numbers. If there are too many or too few, it's a sign that there was a gap in your original list, which could result in emails associating with the wrong ID number in Top Hat. 

When all the email addresses and Student IDs (if applicable) have been inputted, click the blue Submit button to proceed.


After Top Hat verifies that there are no invalid or duplicate email addresses, a preview of the invitation email your students will be sent is displayed. 


NoteWhere it says 'custom for students' there will be a clickable button for your students to join your course!

After the email invitations have been sent, all of the students will appear in the Pending list. If a student hasn’t responded to the invitation and enrolled in your course, you can click 'Invite' beside the student in question, or the blue 'Email All' button to the right of the list.  This will re-send the email invitation.  Should you need to add any additional students, click Add Students and the invitation steps will be displayed.

As the students accept the invitation and enroll in the Top Hat course, they will automatically move to the Enrolled list. These are the students in your Top Hat course! 

You can view their basic student information such as student ID and email. When checking the box beside any student, you may dis-enroll them to remove them from your course.

Manual Student Registration

Students are welcome to register for their Top Hat account on their own by visiting and clicking the white Sign-up button in the top-right of the page. Students will be prompted to find their school—by typing it into the drop-down menu—or they can enter the 6-digit join code.

The 6-digit join code is visible in the URL for your course. (For example, if the URL for your course is the 6-digit join code would be 123456) Clicking the Info button in the bottom right of the Top Hat course page will launch a pop-up that lists some of the methods students can utilize to access your course. The Course SMS Response Number lists the phone number your students will use to submit their text responses. The Course URL is also displayed in this window as another point of reference for the 6-digit join code.

Regardless of how students arrive at the registration page they will be presented with easy-to-follow steps, requesting that they input their personal data such as their name, email address, then selecting a username & and password. They will then be requested to enter their student ID and their mobile phone number, which will link the phone number to their Top Hat student account. If students need any assistance getting started with Top Hat they can see the Student Orientation section of our forum page or contact us directly by email.


Managing Students

Enrolled students can be removed from the course by their professor. To learn more about removing students click here.

If there are students who forgot to bring their smartphone or laptop, and have not registered their phone number, those students may show up in your roster as unregistered students. Unregistered students are still able to participate with Top Hat. For more information on unregistered students click here.



If you need any additional support, please feel free to reach out to us. The easiest way to get in touch with us is to click Support at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen (when logged into your Top Hat Account) or click the 'Submit a Request' button in the top right-hand corner of this screen. You can also drop us a line; 1-888-663-5491 ext 1 or shoot us an email at We are happy to help resolve any issues!