Professor: Navigating Your Course (Old Top Hat)

After entering your course you will be presented with the course interface. This is the web-based console that you will primarily access to create content as well as monitor the course roster and the gradebook. A 3-Step Quick Tour prompt will appear which you can use to see the key components of the site. You can also access this tour at any time by clicking Quick Reference Guide in the left pane.

Table : Course interface item descriptions

Label #



Top menu – you can easily access the Top Hat lobby or switch between any of your courses through this menu bar.


Settings menu – click your name to access the My Account settings or to Logout.


Signal meter – a visual display of the current connection to the Top Hat server. If this changes to yellow or red, that could be an indication of a potential issue with WiFi connectivity or a delayed response.


Dashboard – your content dashboard will host all of your content. As you make items available to students, they will appear here.


Course links – everything you need to manage your course.


Module toolbar – a collection of buttons that lets you add/remove items and add folders to organize your items.


Guides – interactive step-by-step guides that provide a walk-through for various functions within Top Hat.


Support – direct access to the Top Hat support forums and the ability to open a ticket with the Top Hat support team.


Students – quickly see how many enrolled students are active and online, as well as a quick way to access the Student Manager tool.


Info – a quick pop-up that displays your course’s SMS access number, a QR code and your course’s direct URL



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