Professor: Exporting your Gradebook to Excel - Advanced Export

Top Hat makes it easy to export all of your gradebook data into one Excel file. To access you course's Top Hat gradebook, simply click Gradebook in the upper banner. If you're questioned as to whether or not you want to continue, so long as you are not connected to a classroom projector, go ahead and select Yes, show grades

Clicking on Export in the upper right hand corner of your course gradebook page will provide you with the ability to Export this page to Excel to quickly export the content as you're currently viewing it, or Advanced Export for a more detailed export option. 


If you choose the Advanced Export option you will be presented with an additional dialogue box in which you can build your gradebook excel export to best meet your needs.

Filter Gradebook will allow you to select specific students and export just their gradebook data to an Excel file rather than the data for the entire course roster. This is a great feature if you are asked to regularly submit grades for student athletes for example. You can filter the gradebook by student IDs, Top Hat usernames, or last names. Simply select your preferred filter category and then type the required student information into the Filter list below.

Include Answers will allow you to see individual student responses to each question or discussion. The recorded answer will be the last answer the student submitted, with timestamps of when the answer was recorded.

Include Attendance will incorporate student attendance records in your gradebook export, showing you not only the students' overall attendance grade, but also the specific classes a student attended or was absent for. 

Select Items to Export will allow you to choose specific content items to include in your gradebook export. With this box checked, clicking Generate Excel File will provide you with the menu in which you can select individual folders, questions, demos, discussions, and pages. Your gradebook export will pertain only to the items you’ve selected.

Once you're happy with the parameters you selected, click on the Generate Excel File button, and once ready, click the blue Download link to access the Excel file. 

Understanding the Advanced Excel Export

Every export will have at least one worksheet, the Summary worksheet, but depending on the criteria you selected when creating the export you may have additional worksheets, including, but not limited to Attendance, Questions, Question Answers, etc.

Summary Sheet
The Summary worksheet encapsulates all of the data collected for each student. Columns A through E contain all of the student identification information on file (Top Hat username, student ID, email address, first name, and last name), and the remaining columns pertain to the students' Top Hat grades at the time of the export.

  • Column F - Average % - the students’ cumulative Top Hat course average
  • Column G - Gradethe cumulative raw number of points the students have earned (used in combination with Weight (Column H) to calculate Average % (Column F))
  • Column H - Weightthe maximum number of points students could have received (used in combination with Grade (Column G) to calculate Average % (Column F))
  • Column I - Attendance Pointsthe cumulative raw number of attendance points the students have earned (used in combination with Max Attendance Points (Column J) to calculate Attendance Average (Column K))
  • Column J - Max Attendance Pointsthe maximum number of attendance points students could have received (used in combination with Attendance Points (Column I) to calculate Attendance Average (Column K))
  • Column K - Attendance Average - the students’ cumulative attendance average displayed as a percentage

Columns L through S on the Summary Sheet contain additional student gradebook data, but most professors find this information to be more than they need so the columns are usually ignored and data is transferred from the columns identified above.

Attendance Sheet
If you chose to include Attendance in your gradebook export, the attendance information will appear in the Attendance sheet. This tab is fairly simple to read, as it shows the number of classes the student attended in Column F, the number of classes the student missed in Column G, their attendance average in Column H, and then each individual attendance will be listed in Column I onwards. If the student attended the class, a "1" will be recorded under that lecture heading. If the student missed the attendance that day, a "0" will be recorded.

Questions Sheet
This worksheet is a summary for questions posted in the course. Columns F-L summarize the information collected from all of the questions. This includes the students' current average, the points they have received, their participation percentage and also the number of questions they got right, wrong, or missed. If you are curious how many points a student received per question, this information can be found in Column M onwards, identified by the question title.

Questions Answers Sheet
If you chose to Include Answers in the gradebook export, they will appear in the Question Answers tab. It is formatted in a similar fashion to the Questions worksheet but lists the student's actual submissions rather than just their grades. From Column F onwards, each question will be designated three columns. The first column in the three will list the question's title, the second will list the time the student submitted their answer, and the third column indicates how many times the student submitted an answer before the question closed.

In this case, Alex Holyoke submitted the answer 1856 for the question titled Pre-Question 2 on August 20th and only responded to the question once. 

Should you require further assistance with Top Hat, our Support Team is here to help! You can contact us directly by way of email (, the in app support button, the red Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask Support! banner at the bottom of this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.