Student: SMS (Text) Submission - Errors

If you do not have a smartphone or the school internet is not working, you can always use our SMS Submission feature to text in your Top Hat answers. 

When you submit an answer using text messaging, you will receive a confirmation message back from one of our numbers.

Should the message be an error message rather than a confirmation, here's a list of all possible messages and what they mean:


You just sent your first submission to Top Hat!

You will get this when you send your first message to our number. This is here to welcome you to Top Hat and inform you that your answer was submitted.


Submission received for 'Question 1'. Text 'STOP' to stop getting confirmation messages.

This is when a submission goes through as expected, the name of the question between quotes will change accordingly. Make sure you double check the name of the question you're answering and that it matches the confirmation.


Your phone number is not linked to a Top Hat account. Please make sure you created an account and that your phone number is entered properly.

If you see this message, it means that your submission was accepted, but your number was not recognized. You will not receive points for this question unless you have an account linked to your number.

If you don't have an account, visit our website to create one and make sure you verify your number there. Your answers should be synchronized once you enroll in the course.

If you have an account and you still receive this message, it's likely that you entered it incorrectly. Please make sure there are no brackets, hyphens, dots, or any symbols. For example: if your number is +1 (234) 567-8900 you should enter it in Top Hat as 2345678900.


"You are not enrolled in Mechanical Engineering 101. If you wish to enroll, please text back ENROLL 123456"

The course you're in doesn't allow students who aren't enrolled in the course to submit answers. You will need to text back the word "enroll" and the 6 digit course code provided. Your text should look like:

enroll 123456

Once you do that, your messages will be accepted. It's important that you do so as soon as possible as your submissions will not be accepted until then.

Alternatively, you can log in at to enroll into your course. The 6 digits you see after enroll is the Top Hat Course Code and you can use this to search for your course. Additionlly you can locate your course by looking for it by course name or professor name. For more information click here.


Your subscription has expired, to continue participating you must renew your subscription.

Your number is registered properly, but your account has expired. All you need to do is log in and follow the steps to renew your subscription. to find out more about how to purchase a Top Hat subscription see the following guide.


The 4-digit identification code is not in use. Please verify that the identification code is correct.

This is likely a typing error, just double check to make sure that your submission matches the code shown on your instructor's screen. Sometimes 6689 looks a lot like 6669!


The 4-digit identification code could not be read. Please enter the correct identifier, followed by your answer. (e.g. 1028 b)

You probably just typed in the 4-digit ID without an answer, simply resubmit with the right format and your answer should go through.


Your answer could not be understood. Please enter a valid answer. (e.g. 1028 b)

If you actually tried a submission and got this message, make sure your text signature is turned off and that there are no special characters in your message. Signatures interfere with the message because we will receive it as 1234 a -Regards instead of the expected 1234 a.


SMS submission 8401 c from 4161234567 sent too late

If your message is received after the question is closed, you will get an error message to tell you so. Please note that your service provider may delay sending messages, for that reason it is best to keep your sent messages until you see the grade in the gradebook.  The duration the question is open is completely controlled by your instructor, so if the question is closed at that point, you're not allowed to answer. If your text failed to send due to a signal error or loss of reception, please send a screenshot of your attempt to support. For any questions about mark re-reimbursement click here.



Your instructor is extremely busy and is simply a user of our system, just like you!

Please do not take up valuable class time by asking your instructor technical questions as we have a team dedicated to that.  To reach us, click Support at the bottom left corner of your screen (when logged into your Top Hat Account) or click the Submit a Request button in the top righthand corner of your screen. Alternatively, you can continue to browse our useful Help Articles from the top of this page.