Student: SMS (texting) Submissions + Video Tutorial


Why would I need to text in answers?

Let's say you forgot to bring your laptop to class, maybe it's too heavy to carry, or maybe you don't have one!

What if you have an ancient phone that doesn't have WiFi? Not to worry, this doesn't mean you can't use Top Hat, you can still text in your answers!

How do I text?

Depending on the country and institution, you'll see a phone number on your instructor's screen. This number will not change throughout the term, so feel free to add it to your contact list and call it "Top Hat" or anything you prefer.

Whenever a question is asked in class, look at your instructor's screen or projector and you'll see a 4-digit ID that shows up under the question as can be seen below.

In this example, the phone number is (647) 931-6505 and the 4-digit ID is 4800. If you wanted to answer a or "A lot", you would send our number the following message:
4800 a

If you don't want to include a space, that's fine! We're smart enough to understand that!

Does the 4-digit ID change?

Absolutely! Every question will have a unique 4-digit ID, and it might change if the question is deactivated and reactivated at a later time by your instructor. Please double check your submission if you get error messages or if you don't receive a confirmation message from us.

How much does this cost?

We don't charge any premium fees for texting, and the number will be local to your country. Depending on your plan with your provider, the text message could be free or it could cost a small amount. If you're not sure, please call your phone service provider to ask.

What type of phone do I need?

Any phone that is capable of sending text messages will be able to participate in class using Top Hat.

Having Issues?

If you're receiving error messages from us, or not receiving anything at all, please check our post about common issues here.


Your instructor is extremely busy and is simply a user of our system, just like you!

Please do not take up valuable class time by asking your instructor technical questions as we have a team dedicated to that.  To reach us, click Support at the bottom left corner of your screen (when logged into your Top Hat Account) or click the Submit a Request button in the top righthand corner of your screen. Alternatively, you can continue to browse our useful Help Articles from the top of this page. 



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    Xiao Jin
    I am not sure if my phone can work for Top Hat now. How could I know?