Introducing the New Top Hat!

We have launched a redesigned professor Top Hat web app. It is available for all professors to explore! To give it a try, simply click on the red New Top Hat button in the upper right hand corner of your course.

Exciting New Features

here are two key changes that our professors have been most enthusiastic about in the New Top Hat:

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Feedback and Support

Your feedback is instrumental in building a better Top Hat for all of our professors! Should you have any questions or feedback pertaining to the New Top Hat simply click on the question mark inside the speech bubble icon in the bottom right hand corner of your New Top Hat course to initiate a conversation with one of our expert Top Hatters!

Some frequently asked questions

Find your course

Click here if you need help finding your course.


Before you can enroll in a course, you'll need to create a Top Hat account. If you don't have a Top Hat account yet, follow our quick start guide for some help getting set up. During the account creation process, you'll be able to search for your course by your instructor's name, the Top Hat join code, or course description.

Course Lobby

You can select and enroll in a course at any time by searching for it in the Course Lobby.

  • 1. Go to the Top Hat Login page
  • 2. Select your school, enter your username and password, then Login.
  • 3. Click on the Top Hat icon in the top-left hand corner to exit to the Course Lobby
  • 4. This will take you to the lobby where all your courses will be displayed
  • 5. To enroll in a course start by clicking the "Add a Course" button
  • 6. You can now search courses using the search bar
  • 7. Courses can be searched by course name, Top Hat Course Code, description, or professor name
  • 8. The results will be displayed and you can click Enroll to participate in the class
  • 9. Every time you log in from now on, the course should be in your course lobby!

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If your subscription has expired, you can renew it by following these steps:

  • 1. Go to and log in using your account credentials
  • 2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select "My Account"
  • 3. Select "Subscription" to see when your current subscription will expire. To purchase a new subscription or to extend your current subscription click "Extend"
  • 4. This will take you to the standard purchase page where you can follow the onscreen instructions to purchase a new subscription to Top Hat

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Depending on the course you are taking, you might be required to purchase a subscription to use Top Hat. We offer three different subscription options for students:

1 term (4 months) $24
1 year $36
Student lifetime (5 years) $72

Online Purchase

To purchase a subscription with Top Hat, please go to and sign in with your account credentials. Search for your course using the course information and click on "Enroll". This will take you to a payment screen.

From here, you select your preferred payment option and follow the on screen instructions to complete your payment.

Subscription Codes

To enter a prepaid subscription code select "Redeem here" on the Subscription Code payment option. To complete the payment process, enter your 9-14 digit subscription code into the available space(no spaces necessary). Click continue to complete your payment.

Coupon Codes

If you have a coupon code for a Top Hat Subscription, select your preferred subscription length (1 semester or 5 year) and click on "Have a coupon?" and enter your coupon code. This will apply your coupon directly to your subscription.

Once your payment or subscription code is approved, your subscription will become active and you will have full access to Top Hat! If you want to find out more about coupons, you can visit our Coupon Page.

Where else can I get a subscription code?

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Top Hat’s Gradebook allows you to view and track your students’ progress by logging their participation grades, correctness grades, and attendance, throughout the semester. Gradebook allows you to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Export Functionality

First, we've added an "Export this page to Excel" button to instantly export the current page! This fast export will automatically include all the information from the page, so you can quickly use this information anywhere you need to!

Next, the "Advanced Export" encompases a number of interesting features to refine your export like flitering by first name, last name or student ID!

Results for Folders

If you group your content in Top Hat by folders, for example by lecture or quiz, you can now view the aggregate student results for that folder in the Gradebook. Just click on the "Details" link to see a full student list for that folder, and the totals for each student in your class.

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